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Would you like to be on a Podcast?

Dear Friend,

I love when someone is interested in what I am doing and creating, so podcasts are a lot of fun for me. These days, you can be at home, chatting with the interviewer and it feels like talking with a really good friend who asks great questions and listens well.

I wonder if you might consider being on Fran's podcast IT'S MESSY BUT IT'S SO GOOD. You don't have to decide yet. Try listening to our episode and feel into what this might be like for you to share your creations and have a picture of you next to Fran. Finding fun ways to get the word out about your contributions to the world is important. You are worthy of being celebrated.

Here is the information to listen:

Apple Podcasts:




Please share, follow, and give a 5-star review to help grow Fran's community!

I enjoy downloading podcasts from Spotify onto my phone, then learning from the inspiring people Fran interviews.

I would love to hear what came up for you as you listened to this podcast and considered asking to be on an episode yourself!


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