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Maria has been inspiring people to share their stories in writing for over 35 years. Since she has overcome many writing challenges herself, Maria loves mentoring sensitive people to feel supported, inspired and motivated to write and publish their creations. Maria is delighted to lead this community of people following their unique life paths. Both Maria and Tom volunteer their time and resources to make this community possible. In exchange for taking a class or participating in writing or coworking meetings, we ask members to sponsor students at the HEART in Haiti School.


We support this not-for-profit organization because our daughter and son-in-law, Carina and Shad, founded this amazing school after the earthquake of 2010. Maria has visited Haiti more than a dozen times, serving in different roles on the HEART Board as Secretary, President, and fundraiser. Tom has also served the HEART Board as supporter, fundraiser, and Chair of the Buddy Program.

All profits from the four books Maria has published: Living Passionately, Hearts Blooming through intuitive mentoringHaiku Journey and Create a Life You Love are now donated to HEART. Because we have been blessed throughout our lives to have a stable home, food, clothing, shelter, electricity, and education, we feel moved to offer our time and resources to help the people in the Merger, Sibert Community to educate their children and find work. Unlike the US, there is no free education in Haiti, and we personally know that all donations go directly to the HEART in Haiti School. Like us, all board members are volunteers, which means every penny of your donation is being used wisely for a worthy cause.

Maria is thrilled to be able to offer these opportunities to inspire hearts to bloom around the world! Just by joining the Hearts Blooming Community, you are not only nurturing and supporting yourself, you are also helping to nurture and support people who are deeply struggling right now. We are making the world a better place simply by doing the writing we love in our community!  

Intuitive Mentor and Author Maria Blon

Maria Blon is an intuitive author and mentor whose passion to continually create and be of service is inspiring. 

Sunlight like our intuition

Intuition is our guide to live simply, through self care and honoring nature. We are here to be of service to all,  taking time to feel and listen deeply, offering ideas to align each person with their soul's purpose and the greatest good for all. 

Tom Blon, supporter

 Tom Blon works behind the scenes listening, providing financial support, proofreading and in so many other ways in their marriage and volunteer work for HEART.   

Zhenya Goma, intuitive editor and author
Nelson Mandela quote about education

Maybe you aren't a writer, but you want to make the world a better place by supporting creatives and our HEART in Haiti students. Your donation of any amount will allow us to continue doing this important work. 

Zhenya Goma is a seasoned intuitive editor of academic articles, resumes, self-help books, websites, recipes, and to-do lists. She volunteers her expertise to HEART through the Buddy program and to the Hearts Blooming Circles.  

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