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How do you honor mothers?

Dear Friend,

So many concerned people have been asking me how our friends at the HEART in Haiti School are doing these days because the continued unrest in Haiti has been widely broadcast. The good news is that our school, which is just outside the capital of Port au Prince is one of the only schools open in the area. Our school is a safe haven, which is reassuring for students and staff, who know they will receive two hot meals each day, plus be able to continue their studies and work.

Mother's Day is coming soon, and I want to offer support to our mothers in Haiti. I wrote this poetic letter which shows them empathy and belief in their resilience. 

Currently our budget for the HEART in Haiti School is short $20,000 of expenses to finish this school year in June. Ourt parents are contributing, but the current conditions are limiting their ability to contribute more. I imagine you know people who want to make the world a better place and would be eager for this opportunity to give a little in order to help a lot. 

Just $42 a month or $500 a year sponsors a student's education for a whole year. 

This year, honor your mother and these beautiful mothers in Haiti by sponsoring a child's education, healthcare, plus two meals a day, which also helps employ our teachers and staff at the HEART in Haiti School. Here is how:

  • Go to Buddy Program - HEART School ( to learn more and donate.

  • Then share this campaign with your friends and family. Together we can make a huge difference by supporting a school which continues really great things in Haiti during an extremely challenging time. 

Help us make this video go viral, which will honor your mother, whether she is in heaven or on earth, by supporting these mothers and their children, the future leaders of Haiti. 

Thank you so very much!


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