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Receive Support To Do Your Best Writing

I am excited for you to meet a multifaceted writer who has transformative wisdom to share with many, which will impact the future of this beloved earth. Christy Caudill is a scientist who has worked for NASA on Mars missions. She is also a deeply spiritual person, who has received deep healing and guidance from trees. Her life goals are to bridge the communication gap between western science and the natural world through her writing and work.

The first time Christy applied to a publisher, she was rejected. Although Christy was heartbroken, she also realized something needed to change with her writing. She knew she needed to find people to help her but was not sure how to move forward. Then she discovered an organization called the Tree Sisters, which asked her to be a co-author for a book they were writing. This was a great beginning and yet she knew she needed more. Next Christy joined the Divine Authors Group, where she received unconditional acceptance and encouragement, which helped her tremendously and yet something was still missing. When Christy heard about the Birth a Book Program, she recognized the missing ingredient she needed was accountability and structured time to write.

Through the support of our writing community, Christy has been paid to write this article for the Centre for Humans and Nature and has published her website that will link to her writings, including a soon-coming guide for nature connection. She is also working on her first book and has plans for two more follow-on books. 

Christy would like to recognize the support of her editor and fellow Birtha Book community member, Zhenya Goma, who was foundational in Christy learning how to transform her academic voice to speak to a broader audience.

What a blessing it is to have Christy in our Birth a Book Community!

If you would like to see if the Birth a Book Community is a good fit for you, schedule a one-on-one call with Maria

I hope, like Christy, you are getting out in Nature because she provides so much inspiration for us!


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