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Create a Life You Love, inspiring book
Deep down, each and every one of us wants to live a life we love, yet it is not always easy or as fun doing this on our own. Intuitive mentor Maria Blon and her friends guide us to deeply connect with ourselves and others in creative ways through: playful practices relatable stories inspiring poems with nature pictures guidelines for nurturing relationships with yourself and others You will receive a variety of uplifting tools to infuse your life with more joy, with encouragement from a community of friends. Reading and interacting with this book is like receiving deeply nourishing hugs from wisdom herself. We would love to have you join us!
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Are there times in your life when you feel stuck, uncertain of how to move forward? We all do and during those times, it is normal to want to hide and not let anyone know what you are going through. Join Maria as she exposes many challenging times, with examples and ideas of how you might shift the obstacles you are facing in your life, plus celebrate your accomplishments. Experience the ups and downs of mentoring Rose, B.D. and David on many hilarious, sometimes heart breaking, always inspiring adventures where we all discover we can be more than we ever imagined. Join in on the fun and contemplation during your own healing journey to mentor yourself, as you are invited to awaken in ways you never thought possible. Calling all spiritual seekers, mentors, and parents to explore the hearts blooming tools which focus on you as a reader, after each engaging story. These tools allow you to view challenges as opportunities for growth that provide an inspired perspective on your life.
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True stories of people making a difference--for others and for themselves. At the heart of Living Passionately is a simple truth: when you focus on what matters to you, your passion, you can really come alive and change the world. Maria and the 21 authors in this book share how they have found their passions and Maria poses thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter helping guide the reader effortlessly through a mental journey that too few take the time or energy to navigate on their own. The result? An opportunity to reflect and find your true ultimate passion. To come alive. To change the world. All Profits are donated to HEART: The HEART School is a model of excellence in teaching, learning and sustainable education. We educate the whole child, empowering them to reach their full potential.
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Brimming with wisdom and playfulness, Haiku Journey is a poetry anthology which invites readers to open up their own creative reflections, take a breath, pause, doodle, write, and rekindle your soul’s yearnings through a loving mentorship with Maria and Tom’s poems and interactive prompts. Journey into soul Haiku takes us there quickly Truth and joy abound
Maria Blon at Well Worn Books

All of the links to purchase these books point to the Well Worn Bookstore, which is our local, independent bookstore featuring new and used books, stationery, and bookish gifts. They provide a home for local authors and readers, which is greatly appreciated. Visit them at    130-1/2 Wickham Avenue, Middletown, NY 10940, or online at   

Note: All proceeds earned by Hearts Blooming are donated directly to the HEART in Haiti School.

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