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Birth a Book Program

Are you a writer who wants to make the world a better place? 

Women working on writing together

* Do you have a book idea you are longing to create, yet are not sure where to begin?

* Have you started writing a book, yet can't seem to take it to the finish line?

You have come to the perfect community, which will give you the support, encouragement, resources and structure to make your dreams a reality. The world is eager for you to share your unique gifts!

Testimonial about the Birth a Book Program

In the Birth a Book nine-month program, we will help you make your writing dreams reality. Here is what you will experience:

  • Bring your writing project from where it is, to middle and polished stages with a Masterclass each month.

  • Feel encouraged through guidance to create structure and accountability, encouragement, accountability and the support you need to succeed by participating in:

    • Writing and Coworking meetings

    • Online and In Person Retreats

    • Receiving inspirational videos and letters sent weekly to keep you motivated between meetings

    • Author Spotlight opportunities, when you are ready

  • Gain confidence to share your heart’s offering in our community, and when you are ready with your ideal audience.

  • Feel welcomed by a community of people who inspire you every step of the way and who will share the good news when your book is birthed.


Themes for each month:

October: Clarify Your Goals and Commit to Your Writing

November: Pathways to Publishing Success with Melody Ann Owen

December: Practice Your Book’s Elevator Speech

January: Ring in the New Year by Affirming Your Values

February: Clarify When it is Time to Pause or Move Forward

March: Connect with and Build Your Audience

April: Getting the Word Out about Your Book

May: Asking for Testimonials from Influencers

June: Celebration and Sharing

We gather online through Google Meets on Tuesdays from 2 to 3 or 3:30 EST, starting October 8th.

A woman scheduling time to write
Zhenya testimonial.png

Begins Tuesday, October 8th, 2024   

Space is limited, so act quickly to be considered for this year's community.    

Maria Blon, intuitive mentor and author

Maria has been inspiring people to share their stories for over 35 years. Since she has overcome many writing challenges herself, Maria loves mentoring people to feel supported, inspired and motivated to write, publish and share their creations. Maria is delighted to lead this community of people following their unique life path. Maria volunteers her time and resources to make this community possible. When you join our community, you will feel the unconditional love and acceptance she has created, which honors each person wherever they are in their life and writing. 

Frequently Asked Questions:​​ 

Writers working together

I feel shy about sharing my writing because I am afraid people might not like it and criticize me. Do I have to share what I write with the group? Feeling shy about sharing your writing is very common for writers. You choose first of all if you want to share and if you do, you set the boundaries which make you feel safe and supported.​

Writing in a time frame which works for you

I worry I won't be able to finish writing and publishing my book in nine months. Does this happen to some people in the program? The timeline of when a book is completed is unique for each individual. This is a program where you work at your own pace. Each person has their own right timeline for progress on their book. Goals are set by members based on what is best for them.

Student smiling and working at HEART in Haiti School

​How much does the program cost? The Birth a Book Program is set up where you receive membership with all the included benefits in exchange for sponsoring the education of four students at the HEART in Haiti School for a year, for a total of $2000. Flexible payment plans and scholarships are available.​

Using cell phone to inform group members

What happens if I can't attend a meeting? Life can bring surprise obstacles to each of us and there may be times when members are not able to join a meeting and that is okay. This is a not a class where you will be graded. Maria is always happy to record meetings, if you ask her to do this ahead of time.​

Do you have any more questions?

Click the button below and I will be happy to answer as many questions as you have.     

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