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Haiku Journey excerpts

            How wonderful to have you join this Haiku Journey! At the top of each page there are creative prompts suggesting ways to connect and interact with the poems in each section. There is plenty of space on the rest of the page for your own creativity to respond with your own writing, sketches, paintings or whatever is calling to be created. Each day may be completely unique!

            Have a wonderful time and please reach out to share your response creations with us!


            At the end of this book is a little bit of background on haiku poetry, along with a story about the inspiration for this book. You can hop to the back if you are curious now or wait until the end of your Haiku Journey to learn about the origins of these creations. The choice is yours. Enjoy!

Table of Contents:


Feel in your body

Act Out 


Write a similar haiku

Write an opposite feeling haiku

Write a springboard haiku

Creator’s choice

Free form creation space

Background information

About the Author

Sample chapter:


         Experiment with reading the poems in this section and draw some doodles which represent the poem. Have fun and don’t worry about what the sketches look like. For example, here is a poem which could be matched with a simple sunrise doodle, as a representation of beginning anew. If another doddle idea comes to you, feel free to sketch that. There are no right or wrong responses, only possibilities to explore!

nature inspires

                                              creativity in us                                              

to begin anew

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