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Incorporating Healthy Routines into Your Life

During a stressful time in my life when I was studying and failing graduate math courses while living in a house with four women I barely knew, I would eat dinner every night, then make myself an ice cream cone with one scoop of vanilla. This routine was soothing for me because I was able to enjoy a sweet treat, without eating the whole container, like I would often do during my first year of college. I was a graduate student now and wanted to be healthier and more disciplined. One of my housemates was brilliant at math, plus a creative who would go in spurts of not eating for a while, then eating often. She told me the way I ate the same thing every night was exceptionally boring. I just looked at her and didn't reply, because I just couldn't figure out why the way I ate bothered her so much. I wasn't asking her or anyone else to eat like me. I was simply feeling out of my element in many ways and this routine helped me feel safe. This was a lesson in not worrying about what anyone thinks about me and just focusing on what I needed.

Keeping consistent routines of eating healthy food continues to help me to nourish my body well, plus gives me a sense of well being and security. I don't have a vanilla ice cream cone every night after dinner, but I do get into patterns of having the same type of food for each meal over a period of time. Sometimes I will ask myself if I am being boring because I am having a homemade blueberry muffin, banana with fresh squeezed orange juice and herbal tea for breakfast yet again. I realize I am judging myself just like that housemate judged me, which doesn't feel good at all. This awareness helps me recognize how valuable having healthy routines is and to praise instead of criticize myself for taking good care of my body, while incorporating healthy habits which keep decisions in the morning to a minimum.

Is there an area of your life where you could develop healthy routines to bring you a sense of safety and stability for your body, mind and spirit? Look over this list and pick out one area where you are proud of the routines you have set up and one area which you would like to form a new routine.

  • time in nature

  • healthy eating

  • moving your body

  • socializing

  • creating

  • working

  • organizing

  • mental health

  • do-be-do-be-do balance

  • learning new skills

Would be wonderful to have you join us for a Hearts Blooming Circle to share what awareness you have of an area of your life where you have healthy routines and one area you intend on incorporating new routines. I will share with you how I am developing routines to keep learning new skills in community development.

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