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Finding your do-be-do-be-do Balance

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

“The way to do is to be."—Lao-tse, Chinese philosopher

“The way to be is to do."—Dale Carnegie

“Do be, do be, do."—Frank Sinatra

For a few weeks now, I have been waking up each morning inspired and following a creative routine of movement, meditation and inner connection, followed by writing in a newly learned, organized format which my editor and writing mentor Zhenya has taught me. I have felt so alive and purposeful, starting early in the morning, which has positively influenced the rest of each day. Since I made so much progress in a relatively short amount of time, I sent my stories to Zhenya and decided to take a writing pause until we meet to discuss these creations. This pause idea seemed like a really good one, almost like going on vacation, but has it ever been challenging. I haven't felt like doing the inspired morning routine I was so enthusiastic about and have just barely mustered strength to keep meditating each morning. This morning, I recognized why I was feeling so lost and reflected on the challenge I have with embracing be, rather than do time. Creating this post has helped me understand myself better and to recognize life is about the do-be-do-be-do flow. Back and forth, like waves coming in and out on the shoreline. Even busy squirrels take time to pause every now and then so I can take their picture.

How do you know when to slow down, reflect, pause and when to move forward, try something new and get into motion?

When have you been immersed in doing something you really love, feeling like you are in heaven and could do this forever? Except, there comes a time when you are tired of doing and rest is important, so you take time to pause maybe for a drink of water, a bite to eat, sitting back to observe what you have done so far. How comfortable or uncomfortable is this time of pause for you?

When have you been just so relaxed and happy, maybe spending time reading or observing an animal in nature, feeling like you are in heaven and could do this forever? Except, there comes a time when you feel restless or lethargic, so you think of an activity and get into motion. How challenging or easeful do you find motivating yourself to start a new activity after a pause?

Hearts Blooming Circles are an opportunity for us to slow down in community, to reflect on what is happening in our lives, consider what our do-be-do-be-do balance is and to know that we have company during our times of reflection and pause, plus encouragement to step out into the world with confidence.

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